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Mr William Watson
Chief Business Officer 
Mr Sid Masters
Business Development Associate 


MedCity is a collaboration between the Mayor of London and the Academic Health Science Centres from across the Golden Triangle of Cambridge, London and Oxford in the south east of England
Ms Sarah Haywood


Medherant is a leading developer of next-generation transdermal drug delivery patches.

Transdermal delivery of drugs from a patch provides better control of the dose than achieved with gels, ointments and creams.  However, the currently available technologies limit the types of drugs that can be used and the quantities that can be loaded into the patch.  Medherant’s TEPI Patch® is formulated with a novel polymer adhesive that is mixed with the drug.

One of the key advantages of the TEPI Patch® technology is that a greater quantity of drug can be blended with the adhesive.  This enables lower potency drugs to be formulated as a patch and provides the opportunity to increase the dose of drugs already administered via a patch.  The TEPI Patch® also provides a better experience for the user as it does not leave a residue around the patch – referred to as ‘cold flow’ – and has excellent adhesion whilst still being easy and painless to remove.

Medherant is developing its own TEPI Patch® products and working with third parties to assess the suitability of the technology for their drugs.  

The Company expects to earn revenues from licensing both its products and its technology for use with specific drugs.

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Mr Nigel Davis

Mereo BioPharma Group plc

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Dr Donald Coppen
Director, Corporate Development 

Midlands Engine

As the region that developed Ibuprofen and the MRI Scanner, medical innovation is in the Midlands’ DNA!  It is this heritage that has created a hub of fast-growing, life science companies, one of the most significant clusters in the UK. 
Located in the centre of the United Kingdom, the Midlands is the heartbeat of the nation's economy. It is the place to do business, with a world-class research and innovation infrastructure including science and technology parks and business incubation facilities, complemented by the delivery of knowledge exchange programmes.
Home to the largest number of medical technology and device companies in the country, with a strong life sciences pedigree, the region stretches from Nottingham, where BioCity is home to more than 250 companies specialising in Contract Research Services, Therapeutics, Environmental and Wellness to Birmingham, which hosts the Institute for Translational Medicine (ITM).
The ITM brings experts together to turn medical science into innovative patient and healthcare system applications by providing a platform for interaction between scientists, academic clinicians, clinical informatics, biostatisticians and trial design experts in biomarker development and validation.
The Midlands has a rich set of research and innovation assets and is home to 27 Universities supported by a network of 54 Further Education Colleges. A collaboration of eight Universities (Aston, Birmingham, Cranfield, Keele, Leicester, Loughborough, Nottingham, and Warwick) combine their collective excellence to unite the power of University research with the unique strengths of Midlands industry to drive cutting-edge innovation and skills development.
Offering an unparalleled blend of businesses, Universities and research translation centres, coupled with strong collaboration, research and clustering activities, the Midlands is an established and well-connected eco-system.
Midlands UK has brought a delegation of outstanding companies to BIO who are keen to collaborate and work with international companies, universities and research organisations. The companies are:
Celentyx Ltd
Cellomatics BioSciences Ltd
Cobra Biologics
Locate Therapeutics Limited
MirZyme Therapeutics
University of Nottingham
Volmo Ltd
Request a meeting with Midlands UK  or meet with one of companies
Ms Louise Stock

Northern Health Science Alliance

The Northern Health Science Alliance (NHSA) is a single portal for industry and investors interested in biomedical research and innovation in the North of England.  Uniting 8 Universities, 8 Hospitals and 4 AHSNs across  a 15m patient population.

Novintum Bioscience

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Dr Tim Sparey


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Mr John Harris

Pneumagen Ltd

Research and experimental development on biotechnology.

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Mr Douglas Thomson


ProAxsis, is developing a range of products for the capture, detection and measurement of active protease biomarkers of disease.
Mr David Ribeiro